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Business clients from the Netherlands or another EU member country (NOT Belgium), Intra-Community purchase/delivery.
If you have a valid (VIES) VAT number and the goods are sent from Belgium to another EU member Country, your purchase can be an intra community delivery. Therefore, you do not have to pay the VAT from Belgium. Your VAT number is checked each time you place an order via the EU-VIES website. (VIES VAT number validation service) 

Enter your VAT number by the INVOICE address and Delivery address if different. 

VAT number Netherlands NL999999999B99   ( 1 row of 12 characters 10th is always a B (9 = number)) vb NL234534245B01

Failure to fill in your valid VAT number means your purchase will take place with the VAT from Belgium.

Step 1. If you wish your purchase to be an intra-comm purchase (without the Belgium VAT), please make your account first, entering your VAT number. Your VAT number is automatically controlled. After this you should see the prices shown without the VAT from Belgium.

Business clients: Contact us to make your account a business account.